Yose ben-Halafta

Yose ben-Halafta
(mid-2nd century)
   Tanna. Rabbi Yose was born in Sepphoris, Palestine, and after having been taught by his father, also a rabbi, he became a pupil of the great AKIBA. At the age of thirteen, in spite of the Roman command against it, he was ordained by Rabbi JUDAH BEN-BAVA. Yose later established his own bet din (‘court’) in Sepphoris, which became famous for the wisdom of its decisions. Yose was a strong supporter of the nasi, SIMEON BEN- GAMALIEL and he became one of the teachers of JUDAH HA-NASI. Yose is frequently quoted in the Mishnah and his opinions on controversial questions were accepted as final. It is said that he was the first scholar worthy enough to hold conversations with the prophet Elijah.

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